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Introduction Ia Orana !

Thank you for choosing AVIS for you rental in French Polynesia

We will be very pleased to prepare your rental agreement in advance so that you can enjoy your car faster at your arrival at AVIS desk.
In order to prepare your contract in advance, you will need to provide us all the informations we need in the following pages.
At the end of the process, we will also ask you to give us your credit card number for the deposit in a secure mode.

Please follow the next steps, so that at your arrival at AVIS desk, you will only have to show us the original of your driving licence and your credit card

Thank you for helping us improve our services !


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Your informations
Please, can you precise which company or person recommend AVIS to you ?
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Driving licence info

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Additional Driver
If you add an additional driver, please provide us the following informations :

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Contact informations

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Frequent flyer members

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Number of credit card in guarantee In order to win some time and have an Express check out of the car, please provide your credit card number in a secured mode, so that it can be used as a deposit for your rental agreement. There will be no debit, it is only a deposit, a print of the card.