Circle island tour of Tahiti

Take off at the wheel of your Avis vehicle and freely explore the beauties of Tahiti.
When you depart from our Avis location we will hand you a map of the island which will show you the different sites to visit on your drive around the island.
The drive is very easy, you just have to follow the main road which will guide you on your exploration.
The sites to visit are also marked with signs along the road and you can stop at your leisure to take photos or relax.
Leaving towards the east coast of the island you will find a more rugged side of the island with the beautiful point Venus beach and the Papenoo surf spot.
Tahiti Iti, the smaller part of the island, is full of wonders like the plateau of Taravao, the beach of Mitirapa in Vairao and the Fenua Aihere at the end of the road with the famous Teahupoo surf spot.
You can then admire the white sand beaches in Paea and Punauuia and visit the museums and cultural sites as you head back to town.
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