What documents do I need to rent a car?

The driver must present the following documents at the Avis pick up location:
-original drivers license
-method of payment (bank card: same full name and first name/cash/XPF check)
-deposit (the deposit is a credit card imprint signed by the driver and kept until the car is returned)
For drivers aged 70 years and over, the Service of Transport of French Polynesia requires residents of FP aged 70 and over to hold a medical certificate allowing them to drive a vehicle.
For visitors, we will ask for a copy of your itinerary showing that you are a visitor of FP and we will make a copy of this document to show the Service of Transport that you are a visitor and not a resident. You will be allowed to drive a car in Tahiti and Moorea without a medical certificate.

If one or more additional drivers are requested, they will have to be present at time of pick up and will have to provide their original driver’s license. They will also be required to sign the rental agreement.

For special rates (discount rates or business rates…) the principal driver will be required to show the appropriate proof to the Avis agent at the time of pick up.

Copies or statements of theft or loss of driver’s license are not accepted for rental pick ups. An international permit must always be supported by the original driver’s license.
Attention: before leaving overseas, always check with the embassy if an international driver’s license is required to drive in the country you are visiting. The driver is required to present the following documents to the Avis location of departure:
-Identification card (ID card, or passport or active military card)
-the original driver’s license
-method of payment (same surname and given name)

Is insurance included in the reservation fare quote?

The  third party liability is include in the rate . 
Please note that the driver is not covered by any insurance . AVIS  do not propose this option . 
Contact your own insurance company about personnal insurance . 

Physical damage and theft of the vehicle remain the customer’s responsibility within a maximum financial limit.

In case of an accident, the customer will be charged the deductible while the insurance companies determine the driver’s responsibility.

In case the insurance company finds the driver not responsible for the accident, the deductible will be refunded in full.

In case the insurance company finds the driver responsible for the accident, you will be liable to pay for repairs needed for the vehicle within the limits of the maximum amount of the deductible.

Option: SCDW buy back of the deductible. You have the option of signing up for the buy back of the deductible. In this case, if there is an accident and the terms of the rental agreement have been met and respected, no deductible will be charged.
You can also choose the SCDW Plus wich includes Tire and Rim in addition of SCDW insurance conditions

If I return the car earlier than scheduled, do I get a refund?

In case you return the car earlier than scheduled, we will refund you the number of days not used.

For your information, rates are regressive and a rental day is 24 hours so any day started is due.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation up until the scheduled pick up date.
If it is a reservation for a payment on location, no cancelation fees apply.
For reservations paid online, 10% cancelation fees will be applied.
For more information please contact our team . 

What happens in case of theft or accident with the car?

In case of theft, accident or damage to the car, the amount of the deductible will be charged directly.
To avoid having to pay the deductible, we suggst you to sign up for the SCDW or SCDW PLUS  option at the time of reservation.
3 050 XPF administrative fees still apply for any case of damages or coverage (even in case of SCDW, SCDW PLUS, subscription’s ) 

Young Driver (21 to 25 years old)

An extra free by contract will be charged for drivers under 25 years old. 
The young driver is authorised to rent cars of B & C category only. The deposit for a contract of a young driver is of 293 000 xpf. The young driver will not be allowed to contract the SCDW and SCDW Plus insurance.

Drivers over 70

Third-party insurance and damage guarantee with deduc(ble. For French Polynesia resident :revalida(on of compulsory driving license by a recognized organiza(on. For tourists, crossing French Polynesia: the copy of the return air (cket, and the passport will be requested.